Name: Anna Heyne-Mudrich
Function: Country coordinator

Organisation: GLOBE-Deutschland
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Tel: 0049 (0)5254 934141
Skype: annaheynemudrich

Name: Marita Veltrup
Function:Assistant cc
Organisation: GLOBE-Deutschland
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Cooperating organizations:
Universität zu Köln
MPI für Meteorologie Hamburg
Institut für Klima- und Wetterkommunikation, Hamburg
Deutscher Wetterdienst, Frankfurt
Institut Flad, Stuttgart

Participating schools:
50 schools active in communication and working in different school projects
10 schools sent their data 2015 to the GLOBE server

Funding by: different sponsors such as local enterprises and banks

GLOBE protocols: atmosphere, hydrology, earth as system, phenology, land cover

Activities since Summer 2014

September 2014:
GLOBE-Workshop for students (University of Cologne) held by Professor Karl Schneider and Anna Heyne-Mudrich (Thomas Beer, Sonja Drzensla).

Spring 2015:
Preparation of a Erasmus-(Comenius)-GLOBE Project CLIMP. The participating countries want to investigate the situation of schools and families and their attitudes towards the changes in politics and climate in the area of the former Iron Curtain. The project was accepted, but not financed by the Erasmus Agency. So we will start the project again this year in a similar way. We want to open the topic for more countries: basic idea is the question: frontiers in politics, in nature and in mind.

GLOBE-Deutschland takes part in the European MASS-Project (Motivate and Activate Students to Science). Leading German institution is the University of Cologne, GLOBE-Deutschland cooperates in the workgroup about low achievers in sciences.

Earthday 2015:
GLOBE–Deutschland celebrates the GLOBE-Anniversary in two different ways:
a) We collected interesting events of the 22nd of April. Institut FLAD in Stuttgart offers the acitivities of Earthday on a wonderful website:
b) Some schools took part in balloon-competition. We will know the winners at the end of the year.
c) The Weather Club of Gymnasium Schloß Neuhaus in Paderborn has the 20th anniversary too. That is the reason why the Gymnasium celebrated a public opening of the new climate garden financed by the city and some sponsors, based on the GLOBE protocols and GLOBE analysis.

GLOBE-Deutschland offers a national competition 2015 with some interesting prices for the Honour of GLOBE. We collect presentations and videos about the GLOBE activities 2015 till the end of the year from schools in Germany.

GLOBE-Deutschland was happy to take part in the opening of the School Laboratory belonging to the research station “Pulheimer Bach” cooperating with the University of Cologne.

April 1st 2015:
GLOBE–Teacher Trainings are now part of the education of Geography teachers at the University of Cologne. It shall be the start of a closer cooperation between the University of Cologne and GLOBE-Deutschland.

November – February 2015/16:
GLOBE-Deutschland takes part in the seminar of the University of Cologne integrating the development of GLOBE and GLOBE-Teacher Trainings into the regular curriculum of preservice geography teachers by Professor Karl Schneider. The title is: Experience, examples, and teaching approaches in the GLOBE program.